Financial Times Feature | No case for term limits for directors

This Financial Times featured article takes a look at at the recent global trend toward establishing term limits for directors. Co-authors Theresa Hamacher, President, NICSA and Bob Pozen, senior lecturer at the Harvard Business School and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, review the evidence on term limits -- which suggests that they are counterproductive.

NICSA IQ | June 2015

Investing Through UITs New FINRA-reviewed infographic with an introduction to unit investment trust.   Fund Facts Ten facts about the fund industry from Strategic Insight.

Growth Trends in AIFs | Dominant Domiciles

As demand for regulated Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) continues and the boundary between traditional AIFs and mutual funds further erodes, investor appetite for AIFs is expected to remain strong. What’s driving this growth? Which domiciles are benefiting most? A recent NICSA webinar Current Trends: Domiciles of Alternative Investment Funds featuring Kamil Kaczmarski, Engagement Manager, Wealth and Asset Management Domain with Oliver Wyman in Frankfurt, focused on trends driving growth among the most successful domiciles for AIFs. He reviewed the results of a study commissioned by ALFI, the Luxembourg fund industry association.

INFOGRAPHIC | Investing Through UITs

This FINRA-reviewed infographic provides an introduction to investing through unit investment trusts.

Quick Take | How Data Breaches Happen

At the NICSA East Coast Regional Meeting in mid-April, in a breakout session on “Cybersecurity: How do breaches happen?” representatives from AB Global, Acadian Asset Management, Broadridge, Brown Brothers Harriman and EY Global Services discussed how cybersecurity breaches happen, who are the hackers, and best practices for preventing and managing a security breach. Here’s the quick take from that session.

10 Facts About the Fund Industry

10 facts about the fund industry, from a recent presentation by Avi Nachmany and the Stategic Insight team.

NICSA IQ | May 2015

EUROPE 101 Baffled by European regulation? In European Union Securities Rulemaking, NICSA and ALFI provide a road map.   BEHIND THE SCENES 7 behind-the-scenes initiatives to increase financial market transparency and efficiency.

Implementing Money Market Reform | 4 Areas of Focus

While the most significant provisions of the SEC’s package of changes to money market regulation won’t take effect for 18 months, the investment industry is already moving full steam ahead on implementation. Last month, at a client forum to discuss the industry’s progress on implementing money market reform, executives from BNY Mellon reviewed 4 areas that are currently getting attention.

Quick Take | The Transfer Agent of the (Near) Future

At the NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum in February, in a breakout session on “Put On Your Seat Belts, It’s Going to Be Quite a Ride!,” representatives from Betterment, KPMG, State Street and session sponsor Boston Financial Data Services talked about megatrends in the fund industry and their implications for service providers. Here’s the quick take from that session.

Quick Take | The Brave New World of Asset Management

At the NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum in February, in a breakout session on “‘The Dissolving Boundaries: Passive Strategies Achieve Explosive Growth, Alternatives Become Core and ETFs Mature | Forecast: Clouds Making Way for Blue Sky,” representatives from session sponsor PwC talked about the outlook for the asset management industry. Here’s the quick take from that session.

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