Will Europe become #1 in funds? Pozen and Hamacher say it’s likely.

Will Europe soon become the world leader in mutual funds, bumping the United States out of its long-held top spot? Bob Pozen and Theresa Hamacher, authors of The Fund Industry: How Your Money is Managed, think that it’s likely, unless the U.S.

Pozen and Hamacher in today’s Washington Post

Robert Pozen and Theresa Hamacher, authors of The Fund Industry: How Your Money is Managed, write about bond fund investing in an article appearing in today’s Washington Post.

Hear Bob Pozen on the economic outlook

Hear Bob Pozen talk with Emily Rooney of WGBH about how events in Japan, in Libya and on Capitol Hill may affect the economy at www.wgbh.org/emilyrooney. With Theresa Hamacher, CFA and President of NICSA, Bob is the author of The Fund Industry: How Your Money is Managed.

Becoming the contact center of the future

By Theresa Hamacher, CFA and President of NICSA Question: How will investors and advisers communicate with mutual fund companies in the future? Answer: Any way they want to. That’s according to the panel of experts speaking today on NICSA’s webinar on “The Contact Center of the Future”.

Paul Haaga to speak at NICSA West Coast Meeting on April 21 in L.A.

Join us on April 21st in L.A. for NICSA’s West Coast Regional Meeting. Paul Haaga Our keynote speaker will be Paul Haaga, who is the Chairman of the Board of Capital Research and Management which manages the American Funds.

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