Author: Allison Lovett, Vice President, Content Manager, NICSA Through our work across the financial services sector, it is clear to us that blockchain technology has the potential to transform our industry.

What Would Belichick Say?

Author: Jim Fitzpatrick, President, NICSA “To live in the past is to die in the present.” Hey, if the motto is good enough for Bill Belichick, it’s good enough for me. Team loyalties aside, I think we can all agree that victory in business (as it is on the field) requires leaders who are change agents that promote teamwork and an unrelenting desire to persevere.

Morningstar Weighs In On Potential Regulatory Rollback

How could Trump’s call for review of Dodd-Frank and the DOL fiduciary rule impact the financial services industry? Any adjustments to the regulations are forecasted to be neutral to slightly positive for investment banks, brokerages, and asset managers, according to Morningstar analysts.

Lessons Learned at the Strategic Leadership Forum

Allison Lovett, VP, NICSA Content Manager NICSA gathered over 300 financial services executives at our Strategic Leadership Forum at the end of January to discuss some of the most timely and pertinent topics affecting our industry.

#SLFnicsa Wrap Up

Throughout the 2017 NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum, which took place January 29-31 in Hollywood, Florida, the theme of Disruptors Facing the Asset Management Industry prevailed. From new technology to uncertainty in the regulatory landscape, discussions focused on how financial professionals will handle strategic business planning in 2017 and beyond.

NICSA Honors Committee Award Winners at Strategic Leadership Forum

NICSA announces the winners of the 2017 MVP Awards at the NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum held from January 29-31, 2017 in Hollywood, Florida. NICSA’s committees work on behalf of the organization to provide its members with content, resources, and events to keep up-to-date on evolving issues within the global investment management industry.

The Year of the Crescendo: Excitement Builds Around SLF

Boston Financial Data Services is excited about participating in NICSA’s upcoming Strategic Leadership Forum. Here’s why. Anne Hebard, Managing Director, Boston Financial Data Services NICSA Board Member Anne Hebard of BFDS weighs in on the concept of disruption and how it’s impacting financial services.

NICSA SLF: Warm Up With Some Heated Discussion

DOL rule implementation, unfolding political change, and an army of emerging technologies are sure to make 2017 one for the books. NICSA’s Strategic Leadership Forum couldn’t come at a better time.

Don’t Miss NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly At NICSA’s SLF

Among a series of impressive speakers lined up for this year’s Strategic Leadership Forum, we’ve got one “out-of this-world” keynote lined up. Retired NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly is scheduled to present “The Sky is Not the Limit – Lessons from a Year in Space” on January 31 at the NICSA SLF.

Building on Sand

By Dan Houlihan, Chairman of the Board, NICSA Executive Vice President, Corporate & Institutional Services, Northern Trust Since our last gathering at the NICSA GMM in September, some big changes have taken place.

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