Gen Y, social media, the fund industry and NICSA

I’ll admit that I’m skeptical of claims that the Gen Y’ers — or the Millennials, as they’re often called — are somehow fundamentally different from Baby Boomers. Yes, Millennials may not behave like their elders right now, but is that they because they were born in the 1980s rather than the 1950s — or simply because they’re in their 20s and not their 60s?

Bedrock foundation spurs market growth | DTCC’s Donahue on infrastructure needs

Today’s guest contributor is Donald F. Donahue, President and CEO, The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation DTCC, through its subsidiaries, provides critical infrastructure supporting the activities of the U.S.

I forgot my password | The 8 most frequently asked questions of the NICSA staff

“I forgot my password”. It tops the list of reasons you call the NICSA office. Don’t get me wrong. We love to hear from our members! …but, since so many of you are in the business of customer service, too, we thought you might be interested in reading our list of the top 8 NICSA FAQs.

Pozen and Hamacher on money market funds in Washington Post

Bob Pozen, Chairman Emeritus of MFS, and Theresa Hamacher, President of NICSA, discuss money market funds and their role in personal investing in the Washington Post. To read the complete article, “Wading into money-market funds?,” click here.

Operational challenges of 529 plans in the intermediary channel

Advisor-sold 529 plans appear to be the underdog of the college savings plan world. There are only 35 advisor-sold plans throughout the United States — compared to 60 directly-sold ones.

Customer service in a hyper-connected world: Google vs. Zappos

Two icons of the Internet age — Google and Zappos — with two very different approaches to interacting with customers: self-service vs. super-service. Representatives of the two companies contrasted their philosophies at a recent conference in Washington, DC sponsored by audit and advisory firm PwC.

Investment managers start a conversation with Gen Y

Join us for the NICSA Midwest Luncheon Workshop with Keynote Address by D. Bruce Johnston Thursday, June 14th from 10 am – 2 pm in Chicago Buckingham Athletic Club, 440 South La Salle Street Register here.

Saving for college: the options

Join us for the NICSA Webinar 529 Plans in the Intermediary Channel Wednesday, June 29th from 2 pm – 3 pm Eastern Time Featuring moderator Joseph Hurley, CFA, founder of the popular website, and panelists from American Funds, Edward Jones and OppenheimerFunds.

Pozen and Hamacher in FT | Don’t hobble money market funds

Bob Pozen and Theresa Hamacher discuss the benefits of money market funds in today’s Financial Times. They suggest that increased regulation could hobble an important alternative to banks for investors and issuers.

“iPad has become a force in our business”

Webinar sponsored by: Use of tablet devices in general — and the iPad in particular — is taking the mutual fund industry by storm. That was the consensus view of the panelists on NICSA’s webinar on “The Impact of Tablets in Financial Services”, held last Wednesday, June 8th.

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