10 things you need to know about today’s mutual fund boards

Today’s mutual fund boards are more sophisticated than ever. They’re asking more questions about a broader range of topics — and looking for more detailed answers. How mutual fund managers can work with today’s directors was the topic of one session at NICSA’s East Coast Regional Meeting, which was held on Friday, June 3rd in New York.

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“Time is running short,” was the message from the experts speaking about cost basis reporting at NICSA’s East Coast Regional Meeting, held Friday, June 3rd, in New York.  Beginning January 1, 2012, financial firms will have to provide investors — and the IRS — with a precise calculation of gains and losses incurred on the sale of mutual fund shares.

What attracts a Gen-Y’er? Community…duh!

With Memorial Day in the rear-view mirror and sweltering heat beginning to envelop most of us already, what could be more refreshing than the prospect of a half-day NICSA workshop in the Chicago next month?!  Knowing that you don’t like to be away from the office for long, we’ve created a compact program, from 10:30 am until 2:00 pm on July 14th.

Are you an iPad user? Help NICSA plan by responding to our poll

OK, I’ll admit it — I’m an iPad junkie. It arrived only last week, but I already can’t live without it. It has transformed travel — no more hauling around a heavy laptop or resigning myself to a 2-inch screen and typing with my thumbs.

Ready, set. . . exercise. Preparing for the next crisis.

Crisis management and business continuity planning became priorities for NICSA member firms in Kansas City this week as tornadoes moved through their area. We’re relieved that everyone is safe.

How much risk is too much risk? Hear more on June 3rd in NYC.

Everyone who works in the fund industry knows that there’s a trade-off between risk and return. You’ll earn only a modest return on your money market account, but it’s not likely that you’ll watch your account balance go down — unless you use your check writing privileges, of course.

Balanced funds vs. target date funds: the discussion continues

Bob Pozen and Theresa Hamacher argue that balanced funds make more sense than target date funds for retirement investing. Read their column, “Why balanced funds are better,” in the FT today here (registration required).

Tips for striking the right balance in investment ops

The mandate for today’s investment operations teams has 3 components: Operate efficiently and Provide a high level of client service and Provide 24/7 coverage around the globe. Speakers at NICSA’s third Investment Operations Seminar, held yesterday in Boston, talked about how they strike the right balance among these often competing objectives.

Deciphering Eurospeak

If the “Globalisation of fund regulation” panel at the International Bar Association’s 22nd Annual Conference on the Globalisation of Investment Funds yesterday drove one thing home, it’s that the European regulatory system is complex.

Growing interest in NewCITS

“Are you seeing convergence between regulated mutual funds and hedge funds?” was the question I posed to a panel of top fund industry executives from BNY Mellon, Brandes, Ernst & Young, John Hancock and Wells Fargo.

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