A practical guide to LinkedIn for investment industry professionals | Part I: Your profile

It’s hard to avoid LinkedIn these days. The online business networking site now has over 135 million members around the world – and is adding more than 2 new members every second. They’re using LinkedIn to keep in touch with former colleagues, reach out to new connections, keep up with the news, research the job market – and even apply for a new position.

What’s in a Like? | Adoptions and testimonials

What does it mean when you click the “like” button on a social media site? The answer depends on who you’re asking. Facebook says that it’s “making a connection.” FINRA calls it an “adoption.” And now we know that the SEC considers it a “testimonial.” In a Risk Alert issued January 4, 2012, the SEC’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations explains that: use of the ‘like’ feature on an investment adviser’s social media could be deemed to be a testimonial if it is an explicit or implicit statement of a client’s or clients’ experience with an investment adviser or an investment adviser representative.

News Bites | Leadership in the fund industry

News Bites is an occasional column in NICSA News that collects memorable facts, quotes and insights from our recent reading. This edition of News Bites looks at an article by Bob Pozen and Theresa Hamacher, published by the Financial Analysts Journal in December, at a speech by Don Phillips of Morningstar given at the Business & Wealth Management Forum held in October, and at McKinsey & Company’s most recent annual review of the asset management industry.

Want a job in investment management? Watch your political contributions

Interested in working for an investment manager? Or already in the industry and thinking about changing firms? Rule #1: Be careful with your political contributions. You may not be eligible for the job of your dreams if you’ve given too much money to the wrong candidates.

Preparing for your next SEC exam | 3 tips and 6 hot topics

SEC examinations are getting tougher every year – and any materials deficiencies the examiners uncover are increasingly likely to be the subject of an enforcement action – so you’ll want to be prepared for the SEC’s next visit.

Q: How can investment managers cut middle and back office costs by 25%?

A: By streamlining processes – eliminating redundancies and increasing coordination –according to panelists from Beacon Consulting, Citi Fund Services and Milestone Group, speaking on a NICSA webinar last week.

News Bites | The changing ETF market

News Bites is an occasional column in NICSA News that collects memorable facts, quotes and insights from our recent reading. This edition of News Bites looks at recent surveys from the BNY Mellon Asset Servicing (in conjunction with Strategic Insight) and from McKinsey & Company.

Facing a complex/non-complex situation

If a fund uses derivatives heavily, does it become too complex for the average retail investor? That’s the question facing the European fund industry right now. Regulators in the European Union have proposed that UCITS funds* using derivatives extensively should be designated as “complex” — and subject to more stringent rules on sales and marketing.

Catch up on NICSA’s General Membership Meeting

Did you miss last week’s NICSA General Membership Meeting and Best Practices Symposium? Catch up on the discussion through the coverage of the event.  . . . But make sure you join us in Boston next year so that you can participate in the conversation.

What’s in a Like? | A story of Facebook woe

What’s in a Like? What does it mean when a Facebook user becomes a fan of an organization by clicking the Like button on their page? The Facebook FAQs say that choosing to Like something is “making a connection.” So a Like would seem to be a natural fit for NICSA, since we’re all about connections.

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