Insights into the Future of Financial Services

Delta Data provides “3 TAKEAWAYS FROM NICSA’S 2017 GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING.” Topping their list of “to dos”: (1) accept disruption by embracing change and harnessing technology to your advantage; (2) build a strategy by deciding whether to buy, build or partner; and (3) improve communication within the industry.

In order to achieve success in our rapidly changing industry, these considerations may surely help asset managers to adapt, reorganize, and keep operations efficient. We hope all of our members, in addition to Delta Data, found that being aware of trends and developments in the industry is the best way to remain competitive.

Delta Data on NICSA GMM: “…we gleaned some interesting insights into what the future of financial services may hold.”

Read Delta Data’s full blog here.

Delta Data is a member of NICSA.

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