Putting Tech Into Practice at the GMM

Author: NICSA

When contemplating a focus theme for this year’s General Membership Meeting, one subject dominated the discussion: TECHNOLOGY.

Amid the uncertainty ever-present in our industry today, one thing is for sure: technological advances are beginning to take a real foothold in the everyday lives of asset management professionals. Which applications are being actively implemented by industry leaders? Which ones are on their “watch list”? To gain an understanding of how your firm measures up against technology implementation trends, it helps to collaborate with peers and acquire fresh perspectives.

What makes NICSA’s conference programming stand out? The answer lies in our “for members by members” formula. When tackling this year’s GMM theme, the same executives who are living the daily impact of technological gains in the industry (from business planning, to project implementation, to vendor oversight) are the ones selecting the topics and developing content that is not only relevant, but actionable.

With the help and direction of NICSA’s active committees, we’re working toward putting together an exciting agenda, including an impressive lineup of speakers for our Innovation Panel and CTO Roundtable, as well as in-depth coverage on topics such as RPA, BPM, AI and how to enhance the customer experience through digital transformation. We’ll be exploring how technology is touching every aspect of the asset management industry including cybersecurity, vendor management, product trends, and distribution. Check out the agenda here. 

Technology trends are accelerating and evolving every day. Keep your finger on the pulse of what’s impacting your business by attending NICSA’s 2017 General Membership Meeting in Boston this October. We invite you to spend time with NICSA exploring these important issues among a diverse and experienced audience. In return, we hope to deliver an optimal networking and idea sharing environment. NICSA is setting out to make the most of this year’s GMM with content intended to inspire understanding and spark action.

Gain access to forward-thinking viewpoints on the topics that mean the most to you. Join us in Boston on October 5.

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