Mottos & Wedding Vows: The Search For Trust

Author: NICSA

Invesco’s Jack Tierney weighs in on why the clarity of fixed income investing may offer solace in the wake of the DOL fiduciary rule. Great opportunities abound for productive, forward-looking conversations about financial goals and objectives, and the “known knowns” of fixed income – such as bond type, investment stream characteristics, and how long holdings may remain in a portfolio – may help further the advancement of the advisor-investor relationship.

Read Jack’s blog here, which provides great insight into Why Fiduciaries May Want to Consider Fixed Income.

The clarity of fixed income … can really help a financial advisor explain a retirement plan to a client. – Jack Tierney, Invesco

Jack is Head of UIT Investment Policy and Governance at Invesco and Co-Chair of NICSA’s UIT Committee.

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