What Would Belichick Say?

Author: Jim Fitzpatrick, President, NICSA

“To live in the past is to die in the present.” Hey, if the motto is good enough for Bill Belichick, it’s good enough for me. Team loyalties aside, I think we can all agree that victory in business (as it is on the field) requires leaders who are change agents that promote teamwork and an unrelenting desire to persevere.

Be a Change Agent
There’s no doubt that business leaders in asset management are challenged by today’s reality of rapid developments and increased complexity across virtually every business application—technology, regulation, and product development, to name a few. A company’s ability to adapt quickly and turn learning into action can translate into a meaningful competitive advantage.

Change management is no longer limited to operational improvements, process re-engineering, and cost efficiencies. It’s pretty much the new normal for leadership success and has become interwoven into our overall industry fabric.

What are the catalysts for radical re-evaluation of share class offerings, product distribution, data analytics, and compliance reporting? How do executives manage the overall big picture while staying focused on the tasks of the day?

Join Me in a Timely Discussion
I’m gathering several industry leaders on March 15— Bob Adams, Fidelity; Steve Duncan, American Funds; Stacy Roode, OppenheimerFunds and Rhetta Wise, MFS— to talk with me about how they determine which issues to tackle first, which decisions will impact long-term business plans, and how to manage all of the interdependent business functions.

Learning how to be a change agent starts with good change management. Belichick would say: “Do your job.” For asset managers, that starts with staying informed, collaborating with peers, and constantly adjusting the playbook. I hope you can join me for an interactive discussion with these influential executives as we tackle the issues so relevant to our industry today. (Register here.)

Webinar: Evolution, Disruption and Opportunities: Insights from Industry Leaders
Date: March 15, 2017
Time: 2PM-3PM

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