The Year of the Crescendo: Excitement Builds Around SLF

Boston Financial Data Services is excited about participating in NICSA’s upcoming Strategic Leadership Forum. Here’s why.

Anne Hebard, Managing Director, Boston Financial Data Services

NICSA Board Member Anne Hebard of BFDS weighs in on the concept of disruption and how it’s impacting financial services. As we enter 2017, it certainly feels as though certain themes are rising to a crescendo. But, as Anne puts it: The Sky is Not Falling; we as financial services professionals can certainly manage disruption and change—that’s been the norm for quite some time. What’s important is thinking strategically and critically about how they are managed.

We agree, Anne. And, as anticipation builds for NICSA’s SLF at the end of the month, we are hopeful. We are optimistic. And, yes, we are confident that events such as this can help us identify the “how”: how to adjust to industry disruptors in the form of regulatory compliance, customer service, and technological advancement.

“Disruption and change are what’s normal for financial services” – Anne Hebard, Boston Financial Data Services

Along with others in the Boston Financial/DST enterprise who are presenting at this year’s SLF, Anne herself is participating in the “When Generations Connect” keynote discussion as one of the panelists. In the spirit collaboration, we’re hoping to shed some light on mending generational differences in our workforces in order to work together to meet the forthcoming changes of 2017.

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