NICSA’s MWRM 2016: Preparing for What’s Next

NICSA’s Midwest Regional Meeting (MWRM) took place in Chicago on October 20. In an informal setting conducive to idea sharing and collaboration, several industry experts shared their views on “What’s Next” for the rapidly changing financial industry.

Next Gen ETFs
Keynote Speaker Mike Mundt, Partner at Stradley Ronan, engaged our member attendees in a discussion focused on the evolution of exchange-traded funds and what may be on the horizon for this versatile fund vehicle. A recently streamlined listing process courtesy of the SEC may have paved the way for more roll-outs of actively managed ETFs. Some fund companies are crafting non-transparent actively managed structures, which some argue would modernize the existing closed-end fund vehicle. However, as is usually the case with novel fund structures, interesting implications have begun to surface related to plumbing (e.g., trading platforms) and pricing.

mwrm-networking-2Changing Regulatory Terrain
Regulators continue to explore ways to improve the investor experience and monitor risk. During the Meeting’s second session, Kim Zavislak, Partner at KPMG, and Alison Staloch, Assistant Chief Accountant at the SEC, led an off-the-record discussion about recent rules, comments, and enforcement cases relevant to investment management.

Amid accelerating change, the need to responsibly serve investors remains. Candid discussions, such as the sessions at the MWRM, are at the center of NICSA’s mission to help facilitate dialogue among member firms and advance leading industry practices. Keep the dialogue going—join us at the Strategic Leadership Forum (SLF) in Florida on January 29-31. Learn more and register at

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