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Darby HobbsNICSA GMM 2015 | Keynote Speaker HighlightDarby Hobbs

The investment management business has come a long way in terms of branding and marketplace engagement in today’s interconnected world. But, according to Darby Hobbs, founder and president of SOCIAL3, a disconnect remains.

For individuals, that disconnect exists between understanding their value drivers—what matters most in their lives—and how to map that to their investment strategy. For businesses, the same disconnect is occurring in connecting a larger purpose—their impact on society with programs and efforts—and the profit side.

Many firms have begun bolstering programs and overall efforts to respond to the interests and needs of their stakeholders. But, according to Hobbs, these efforts are just a beginning. Fortune magazine has recently named 50 firms that are “doing good” (, including only a very few financial services firms.

The question on many investors’ minds – particularly entrepreneurs and millennials – is: How can my investing decisions match my life choices?

The answer holds the key to a new investing DNA model, according to Hobbs. In her keynote address at the upcoming NICSA General Membership Meeting, she will outline the steps firms need to take to respond to stakeholders’ needs and sustain them. The key is to combine three “Ps”:

  1. Personal choice
  2. Principles of the organization
  3. Performance (resilience)

This approach reflects sustainable living and the impact it has on capital formation. It’s the knitting together of the heart, to the mind, to the wallet. While not an overall new concept, acceptance by the investment industry is long overdue. Michael Porter and Mark Kramer wrote about it in the Harvard Business Review in 2011. Their article, entitled “Creating Shared Value” has produced a movement known as the Shared Value Initiative. A similar long-standing concept is “Conscious Capitalism”, of which Hobbs is starting up the New England Chapter.

In her address, Hobbs will further investigate the correlation between high net worth investors, intermediaries and entrepreneurs. She will also explore social impact innovators, and how their thinking is fueling a newer form of GDP and transforming the virtuous cycle of capital formation.

To help your firm deepen its impact on global society and embrace a new form of investing DNA, come hear Hobbs speak at the NICSA GMM from 11:30 am-1:30 pm on Thursday, October 29, 2015.

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