Bitcoin to blockchain | Seeking the next killer app

NICSA GMM 2015 | Keynote Speaker HighlightGarrick Hileman

You’ve probably heard of bitcoin, the digital currency, but how familiar are you with blockchain, the digital ledger? It’s the latest in the evolution of bitcoin, an open-source technology that is gaining traction around the globe.

In May, NASDAQ announced an enterprise-wide blockchain technology initiative that will ultimately be used to record share transactions. This automation technology is attractive due to its low cost and because transactions are both open and privately encrypted.

Confused yet? Don’t be. Monetary innovation expert Garrick Hileman, keynote speaker at the NICSA GMM, can explain it all – where bitcoin technology came from, its (short) history, and the different ways companies are testing its capabilities.

According to Hileman, the exciting thing about bitcoin’s disruptive technology is not how it’s used now, but how it can be adapted going forward. He will discuss the potential application of blockchain to international remittances, and looking even further out, its application to back-office automation.

Come hear about Ripple, Epiphyte and other start-ups collaborating with financial services institutions, including banks, to innovate blockchain solutions. Hileman will also address the regulatory side, including bit-licensing programs and regulation aimed at money laundering prevention and know-your-customer issues.

Garrick Hileman will speak at the NICSA GMM on Friday, October 30 from 11:15-12:15. In advance, here are some resources he recommends:


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