Shifting the balance in global pensions | The “teenage” years

Josef Pilger, #GMMnicsa Keynote Speaker

NICSA GMM 2015 | Keynote Speaker Highlight | Josef Pilger

There is an enormous gap in adequacy of pension and retirement savings around the globe, says Josef Pilger, global pension and retirement leader at EY and keynote speaker at this fall’s NICSA GMM.

Conservatively, he says worldwide pension and retirement assets of $500 trillion would be a good goal to start. However, we are nowhere near that goal today, which would require a tenfold increase in pension and retirement assets alone. Pilger says this figure represents a powerful goal for the industry—an enormous increase in AUM—as well as path towards delivering a better retirement to the world.

In his keynote at the conference, Pilger will reflect on central trends affecting the business of managing pension and retirement stakeholders and assets globally and the ramifications for the operations side. A shift in focus will be necessary to successfully navigate through this sea change.

With more mature markets moving away from defined benefit plans and towards defined contribution solutions, the accelerating increase in choices and demand for reform approvals, the individual customer has become empowered. Like a teenager who suddenly wants a say in what’s for dinner, today’s pension and retirement customer is rebelling against the status quo.

In response, the financial industry must move from a product-centric to a customer-centric focus. Global operations must shift towards mass customization. The success of the industry and its firms will depend on responding to these winds of change.

Josef Pilger will address all of these ideas and more in his keynote at this fall’s NICSA General Membership Meeting in Boston. Come hear his speech on Friday, October 30 from 8:30-9:30 a.m.

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