NICSA Committee Spotlight | Retirement Committee

The small, but passionate, group of volunteers of the NICSA Retirement Committee is the focus of this quarter’s NICSA Committee Spotlight!

NICSA Committee SpotlightLed by co-chairs Allan Browns, Waddell & Reed Services Company and Perri Williams, Invesco, the goal of the NICSA Retirement Committee is to share information and best practices related to the operation of retirement plans and accounts within the fund industry. 

According to Browns and Williams, the best part of participating on the committee is the opportunity to build relationships with other people in the industry who understand the ever-changing and often complex world of retirement plans.  “The collective mutual fund retirement experience on the committee is vast,” says Williams.  “Several members have served on the committee for over 10 or 15 years.”    Adds Browns, “I find it very helpful to be able to reach out to the group regarding various retirement issues and questions to share different approaches for handling them.  The group discusses everything from how to implement new retirement regulations to day-to-day operational policies and procedures.”

In addition to providing content for NICSA conferences and webinars, the group has also been working on a major Beneficiary survey in 2014 – the results of which will be published in early November 2014.

Polling both members of the committee and the broader NICSA membership as well, the survey will take a comprehensive look at the entire beneficiary process.  From collecting and maintaining beneficiary information, to ensuring that death distributions are paid to the proper beneficiaries, there are a lot of different options for handling this challenging process.  The survey will be a great tool for measuring how your own firm’s policies and procedures compare to what others are doing. 

Learn more about the work of the Retirement Committee – and all of the other NICSA committees – at!

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