NICSA Spotlight | Volunteer of the Quarter: Kari Murphy

KariMurphyEvery association has a few of them… that person who can get everyone excited about a project; the one who leads a team to turn discussion into action; the one you can always count on for a spark of energy and a fresh perspective.
For NICSA, one of those key volunteers is the subject of this quarter’s Volunteer Spotlight – Kari Murphy, Managing Director, HengTian Services.
Kari has been a long-time NICSA member, and serves as a current co-chair (along with Chuck Gallant, BNY Mellon and Sam Perone, BoA/Merrill Lynch) of the NICSA Technology and Innovation Committee.  This group spearheads the development of many NICSA conference sessions and webinars, as well as contributes to NICSA’s web and social media presence through its development of white papers and articles around current technology topics.
With so many other industry groups out there, why did Kari choose NICSA?  “NICSA is a terrific organization to stay connected and informed about current industry trends which support our business growth”, says Murphy.  “The NICSA members are a wonderful group of people who are always willing to share their knowledge and expertise.  It is a very collaborative organization.”
You might wonder how Kari stays motivated to serve and drive committee initiatives forward? ”I love the people on the committee – we are great team and we enjoy working together to improve how we can support NICSA and its members going forward.”
Kari’s work responsibilities as well as her involvement in NICSA provide a tremendous amount of variety in her professional life.  From traveling to HengTian’s headquarters in China several times each year; to the different positions she has held including investment servicing, corporate communications, and now technology; to learning about the many ways the industry is changing because of new technologies and the new global economy through her NICSA involvement, Kari enjoys the professional challenge.  “I enjoy the opportunity to work in an ever-changing, diverse environment.  I’ve been fortunate to work in several different roles in the investment industry.  All equally rewarding.”
It is clear to those who know her that Kari has tremendous energy – and none would be surprised to hear that if she didn’t work in the investment industry, Kari has said she would love to be a health and wellness coach.
As her committee colleagues and professional contacts would attest, Kari has a real passion for this industry and the people in it.

  • John

    You are a great co-chair, Kari. We are fortunate to have you leading our committee!

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