Survival of the fittest | 5 challenges fund platforms face today

This guest post was submitted by SunGard which sponsored a panel at the 2014 NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum entitled “Survival of the Fittest: Adapting Your Service Platform in a Rapidly Evolving, Multi-Product, Global Fund World.”

Earth in Hand

Panelists identified five major challenges that asset managers and their servicing partners face in today’s rapidly evolving, multi-product, global fund world:

  1. Non-traditional products – In an industry where straight-through processing is the norm, today’s firms must adapt to the servicing complexities associated with non-traditional funds to maintain business growth and profitability.
  2. Business expansion – New products and markets represent great growth opportunities, however, expansion can be costly. Organizations that leverage existing infrastructure, tap into subject matter and domain expertise and implement strong control measures are best positioned for success.
  3. Technology – A new era of fund servicing is powered by modern and flexible technology that enables providers to adapt quickly to regulatory mandates and capture new market opportunities. Technology delivery through Cloud solutions, readily accessible 24/7, can provide faster time to market, more elastic operational support and servicing transparency.
  4. Global growth – Financial services’ geographic boundaries have blurred with an evolving global economy. UCIT funds, dominated by Luxembourg and Ireland investment fund centers, have grown far beyond the boundaries of Europe, driven by expanding global business relationships and pension reform. Growth underscores the need to standardize transaction processing though major fund trading hubs.
  5. Regulatory reform – Operational and technological agility is vital for servicing organizations in light of the significant regulatory reform occurring within financial services. Facing multiple mandates and often compressed timeframes for compliance, firms must plan an Ops/Tech strategy early and execute swiftly to navigate the regulatory headwinds.

What were your takeaways from this featured SLF panel?

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