New white paper | Big Data in the fund industry

Big Data is big news in the fund industry. Every industry publication seems to include an article on how Big Data is being used to increase marketing effectiveness, and every industry conference seems to have a panel focused on the operational support it requires.

While the media has plunged into Big Data, the industry’s implementation of data analytics has been much more deliberate. The fund industry has never really been a data-driven industry, at least not when it comes to customer interactions.  As a result, Big Data has represented a significant change in mode of thinking for many firms.

However, NICSA’s Technology and Innovation Committee believes that continued cost pressures will push more firms toward data-driven decision-making. In other words, data analytics will be increasingly used as a prescriptive tool.

This white paper summarizes what the Committee sees as the “state of play” of Big Data in the fund industry today. Click here to download the white paper.

NICSA would like to thank the following members of the Technology and Innovation Committee for their contributions to this white paper:

  • Dan Cwenar, Broadridge
  • Rubesh Jacobs, kasina
  • Todd Glasgow, DST Systems

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