Meet the newly appointed members of the NICSA Board of Directors

Each year at the fall Board of Directors meeting, NICSA welcomes their new slate of officers and new board members.  Let’s meet them…

George Batejan, EVP, Global Head of Technology and Operations, Janus Capital Group
Incoming NICSA Board Vice-Chair

An active member of the NICSA Board for many years, George enjoys his participation because he feels it helps him keep up-to-date on current trends, understand how others approach the problems they face, and provides outstanding networking – especially with the Broker Dealer community.  As he moves into the Vice-Chair seat, George would like to see NICSA continue to expand its best-practice focus to include more guidelines on other parts of the business – including trade operations, corporate actions, and pricing to name a few as well as expanding to new areas of focus such as Broker Dealer, Alternative Investments, etc. 

Dan Houlihan, SVP- Head of Global Fund Services, North America, Northern Trust
New Board Member

A long time NICSA member, Dan looks forward to leveraging his consulting, software management, operations, and asset servicing experience and that of Northern Trust to help further the NICSA mission.  Dan feels that some of the biggest challenges the industry is facing right now are the forces of regulatory change and pressure as well as major challenges with “operationalizing” derivative and alternative asset classes.  As the global distribution model evolves, both new opportunities and challenges to domestic, regional and global managers will continue to emerge.  “There is no question,” Dan says, “NICSA can play a central role in educating and enabling participants with informed strategies for navigating these challenges and opportunities. NICSA plays a critical role in providing a central forum for education, networking and the proliferation of best practices in our industry.  “I want to ensure as a collective, that NICSA continues to play a central role in defining and enabling industry best practice, and I’m excited to meet and work with the other Board members who represent such a great cross-section of the industry.”

Peter Poulin, Partner, Deloitte
New Board Member

A long-time participant in NICSA, Peter feels that NICSA’s renewed focus on broadening its content beyond TA and into different aspects of the fund business is exactly what NICSA needed to do to ensure continued growth for the future.  And helping NICSA achieve its goals is one of the main reasons why Peter Poulin is joining the NICSA Board this year.  Peter feels that NICSA should be at the forefront of helping organizations figure out how to balance quality, risk management, and cost versus growth.  “Since its creation, NICSA has been wholly dependent on the members to accomplish its goals,” Peter says.  “And one of the great things about NICSA is that NICSA is a forum where you can get multiple firms in a room and feel free to discuss issues and challenges openly.  We can learn and help each other without giving away trade secrets.”

Darren Walsh, Chief Technology and Operations Officer, OppenheimerFunds
New Board Member

Darren Walsh enjoys being involved in the within his own company, and in other industry organizations, because it gives him the opportunity to contribute and develop strong programs and best practices throughout the industry.  “Through increasing my network, I also increase my knowledge base – and that helps me get the information I need, when I need it,” says Walsh.  In his “day job,” Walsh focuses on technology, as well as operations, fund administration, facilities and security.  Walsh hopes to bring this broad perspective to the NICSA Board as NICSA continues to grow and expand its reach within the fund industry.

Bob Wallace, Head of Securities & Fund Services, North America , CITI
New Board Member

With 20+ years of NICSA involvement under his belt, Bob Wallace is looking forward to bringing his industry experience to the NICSA Board, and to collaborating with his colleagues on the board to advance NICSA’s mission.   Bob feels that Citi’s association with NICSA enables Citi associates to play an active role with keeping abreast of the industry most compelling operational and technology trends and growing concerns.  “The type of education that NICSA provides has always been important.”  Bob says.  “And as the industry changes at a very fast rate it’s even more relevant and important to the industry. “  Bob is looking forward to working with industry peers to discuss solutions to many of the industry’s most compelling operational, technology and compliance matters and to helping NICSA navigate the changes facing the industry today.

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