Top 10 technology issues to keep an eye on in 2013

The NICSA Technology Committee is keeping an eye on the top ten technology topics for 2013. You can find out more about these issues throughout the year by attending the 2013 General Membership Meeting and NICSA Webinars or by following NICSA on Twitter, reading NICSA’s blog posts or other publications.

Social Media ButtonThe Top 10 Topics are:

  1. Data, Data, and More Data: Data privacy and security, mitigation of external client risk, redundancy, ownership and governance – these are just a few of the issues surrounding the larger issue of data. What types of data are out there? What data is important? It’s all about the data!
  2. Data Management:  How are companies in the fund industry processing all of the available data? Smart process applications and semantics; data visualization tools; the use of Big Data to develop more advanced and predictive data analytics capabilities; pervasive BI (near or real-time business intelligence); process and data cloud services. 
  3. Cybersecurity: From a structural perspective, what are the latest internet security breaches that we should be aware of? What are the frameworks that need to be built to ensure data security? From a user data and security perspective, what are the new identity and trust models that might be on the horizon?
  4. Regulation:  What do regulations such as Dodd-Frank and others mean for technology departments?
  5. Technology Expertise and Staffing:  What are the critical technology roles for investment management firms right now? What are the special skills needed for Big Data issues and technology? What does the IT organization look like now? Where do you find new technology talent – in-house training vs. outsource vs. external hire?     
  6. Mobile: Is there a mobile apps arms race?    Is there any evidence that firms leading the way with mobile applications are stealing a march on their rivals especially among the younger retail investors?
  7. Social Media | What is the role of social media in the investment industry – both today, and in the future?
  8. The Consumerization of Technology: What are the next-generation devices and user interfaces? New sensors and new UIs — Leap Motion, 3D etc. What is the impact of the gamification of training and education? Do smart products (things that can sense, react, communicate) have a role in the future in the fund industry?
  9. Infrastructure and Application Platforms:  How do firms build a structure to support all of the data and applications that are out there? Big Data platforms; cloud application frameworks; virtualization of storage, desktops, applications and networking; and more! What about In-location positioning and machine-to-machine networks (Agent Programming)?
  10. Web Analytics:  What is Web analytics, and how should firms be using Web analytics (website, email, social media, mobile, etc., etc.)?  

Can you think of any technology topics that might arise in the near future?

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