NICSA spotlight | Volunteer of the quarter: Rhonda Dixon-Gunner

Rhonda Dixon-Gunner, head of US Client Services for Invesco, and co-chair of the Webinar Committee is NICSA’s Volunteer of the Quarter!

Invesco AIM portraits in HoustonThe first thing you notice when talking with Rhonda is her obvious passion and excitement about her family, her job, the industry, and NICSA.  When you learn that she is a long-time industry veteran with a long history of service to NICSA, you understand why!  “Since entering the industry,” she says, “ I’ve found a place that values customer relationships which fits with my own passion. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about this industry over the years and the learning continues as things change on a regular basis.”  That passion has translated into her work, especially as it relates to NICSA.  Rhonda has worn many hats when it comes to her history of involvement in NICSA:  from the East Coast Committee, Distribution and Annual Conference Committees, as well as serving on the NICSA Board of Directors, she has done a little bit of everything. 

Her latest role within NICSA is as the co-chair for the Webinar Committee. This energetic and hard-working group develops and coordinates NICSA’s webinar lineup for the year.  Rhonda has been on the webinar committee since 2010 and a co-chair since early 2013.  “Being on this committee is really fun!  The committee members have passion, and they get a LOT done.  A big part of the satisfaction that I get out of working with this group is to be able to identify the idea, build it, and see the fruits of the labor with the presentation of the webinar.  The Webinar committee produces something tangible and measurable, and that makes it well worth the time.  I find it extremely rewarding.”

Another thing that Rhonda finds very appealing about her NICSA participation is the power of teamwork.  “One of the things that I have always found to be very inspiring is what happens when you bring a bunch of people with different talents together and give them a task.  It is amazing what they can come up with.  I have learned that there is strength in numbers, and to never underestimate the ability of a group of people to achieve more collectively than they would individually.”

What else keeps Rhonda coming back for more?  She believes in the content, and believes that it is a way for her to give back to the industry in a very real way.  “It is measurable.  Helping to package and share the information that will make their jobs easier – we all deal with the same issues and the industry benefits when we collaborate.” 

And the committee interaction is still a learning experience for her as well.  “Sitting on these committees and hearing the conversations has helped me learn so much about the industry – especially in the areas that I don’t deal with on a day-to-day basis.  My participation has also enabled me to learn many skills that I use in my day job  – tools like meeting facilitation, presenting, leadership, and project management add value to my employer as well as to me.  Participation also helped me “find my voice” in the industry.  When that happens, you realize how unique and what a great opportunity it is.”

To those of you thinking about considering getting more involved in NICSA, Rhonda has one message:  Jump on in, the water is fine!  But find someone on the committee and talk to them.  Figure out what the committee does, what the expectations are, and how your talents would be best utilized.  Think “Is this committee a good match for my skill set?  Is this in line with my position, or the position I want to be in at some point in the future?  “Asking these questions”, Rhonda says, “will ensure that your experience is a positive one for both you and the group.”

If you are interested in becoming more involved in NICSA, email us at  And you can check out all of the NICSA Committees and Boards on the NICSA website.  Volunteer today!

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