Committee spotlight | NICSA Midwest Regional Committee

One of the best ways to get involved with NICSA is through a committee.  Currently NICSA has a large number of active committees – some are topic-specific (Risk and Compliance, Tax, UIT), and some are focused on the development of NICSA Events and Webinars.  The committee spotlight for this quarter features the Midwest Regional Committee!

NICSA Committee SpotlightCurrently led by Co-chairs Nicole Best, Heartland Advisors, and Rajan Chari, Deloitte, the Midwest Regional Committee’s mission is to provide educational and networking opportunities to industry participants in the Midwest Region. Historically the Midwest Committee has hosted 1-2 conferences per year including the 2013 Midwest Regional Conference coming up at The Standard Club in Chicago, Wednesday June 26 from 10:00am-2:45pm.

But conferences are just one component of what this active and engaged group have planned for 2013.  “We operate with a common vision within the NICSA framework,”  says Co-Chair Nicole Best, “yet we act independently, providing our members with latitude when considering ways to serve members in our region.  We often look for opportunities to collaborate with NICSA and our fellow Committees, leveraging ideas and work being done in other areas across the network, with an objective to produce successful opportunities and meaningful deliverables to our constituents.  

To that end, the committee is currently in the process of implementing a new mentoring program with a focus on providing opportunities for the next generation of talent across disciplines.  The committee is very excited about this new initiative!

One of the challenges faced by the Midwest Committee is a member base that spans a large geographic area.  As a result, says Committee Chair Rajan Chari, “we meet often by phone, and leverage any opportunities we can to meet in person.  The region is wide-ranging. Many of our members are in locations that do not have other industry working groups where ideas are shared as an asset management community. This is a gap that we are trying to close.  One way that we accomplish this is through our roundtable discussions which are a staple of most of our conferences.  This is further supplemented by our expanding emphasis on new programs and events that are specifically targeted towards the next generation of industry leaders.”

Nicole and Rajan both agree that it is the committee members who make the committee initiatives successful.  “Our people make the difference in our overcoming the challenges of covering such a large area.  We have a great talent pool, made up of a passionate blend of new and veteran members with a variety of areas of expertise.  We all share the vision that our Committee seeks to fill a need in the region, providing networking opportunities and more accessible education, ultimately more closely connecting our broad base.  We are all very proud of the fact that, in addition to providing opportunities for leadership, Committee membership provides a tremendous chance to network with the wealth of talented peers in our industry, and serves as a foundation for great camaraderie and long lasting friendships.”

Interested in becoming a more active member of the NICSA community?  NICSA Committees are a great way to become involved!  See the list of committees on the NICSA website, and email to sign up today!

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