What’s new in technology? BYOD(evice)

Want to use an iPad to check email on the road but required to use a BlackBerry for work? You may be able to make the switch soon.

The odds are high that your corporate IT department is considering adopting a “Bring Your Own Device” policy. Under BYOD, you could buy the mobile device of your choice (maybe with some expense reimbursement from the company) and use it both for business and personal purposes.

At the first NICSA “What’s New in Technology?” session, members of the NICSA’s Technology Committee talked about how their firms are evaluating BYOD policies. This was the first in a series of interactive online sessions discussing recent technology trends and how they are affecting the investment industry. These sessions are free for all NICSA members. (Please note that they are closed to members of the media.)

Committee members reviewed the big-picture trends:

  • BYOD is inevitable – because employees are demanding it.
  • IT departments need to make it easy for employees to comply with data security rules. Employees are more likely to follow the rules if they’re using the device of their choice.
  • “Containerization” is the key to making BYOD work. IT needs to be able to segment device, creating an online “safe” for data that needs to be kept confidential. If the need arises, only this segment of the device can be wiped clean, leaving personal data and apps untouched.

Session participant went on to discuss implementation details: policy specifics, technology providers, problems encountered.

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We’ll be talking more about mobile devices at the NICSA Annual Conference which be held February 10-13 in Miami. The focus of the session, which will be moderated by Brian Melter of Boston Financial Data Services, is “Mobile Computing for Distribution.” Panelists are:

  • Bill Finnegan, CMO, MFS Investment Management
  • Karl Gouverneur, CTO, Northwestern Mutual
  • Anita Manchanda, VP, Information Systems, Prudential Investments

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