Morningstar: What Drives Alternatives Funds Ratings?

How does Morningstar’s rating process work? How are funds categorized? With the advent of liquid alternatives funds, the answers have become more complex. At the NICSA General Membership Meeting earlier this month, Josh Charlson, head of alternatives fund analysis for Morningstar, gave attendees a peek under Morningstar’s hood.

Hot or Not? | 8 issues that keep compliance pros up at night

At NICSA’s General Membership Meeting, held in Boston on September 11-12, representatives from Janus Capital Group, State Street and the Enforcement Division of the Securities and Exchange Commission compared notes about what’s hot -- and what’s not -- on their agendas. Here are the 8 issues that they collectively agreed were top priorities:

What is Gamification?

These gaming techniques and approaches are making their way into the corporate world. Today, businesses are finding new ways to use these techniques to motivate employee performance, drive business results, and generate a competitive advantage.

SEC cybersecurity sweep provides view of industry practices

Protecting data and other digital assets from cyberattacks is a top priority for firms in the fund industry -- and the SEC wants to be sure that the investment industry is ready to meet the challenge.

Ed Schmidt, the Senior Technology Officer for OCIE, reported on the results of that initiative to date, speaking at the NICSA General Membership Meeting. Take a look at what he had to say...

2014 #NICSAGMM | Day 2

Take a look at this recap of Day 2 of the 2014 NICSA General Membership Meeting.

2014 #NICSAGMM | Day 1

Welcome to the 2014 NICSA General Membership Meeting! This year's meeting welcomed an array of different attendees, from service providers to fund firms, to downtown Boston for this two-day educational and networking event.

NICSA GMM keynote presentation highlight | The impact of younger staff on technology

At the 2014 NICSA General Membership Meeting keynote presenter Wes Trochlil, President, Effective Database Management, will discuss "The Impact of Younger Staff on Technology" and how software vendors and industry leadership can better respond and manage the expectations created by today's Millennials while avoiding the risk of losing these valuable, savvy staff members.

NICSA Industry News Digest | September 2014

Here’s our recap of the stories that mattered to operations professionals in the investment industry last month.

The Asian Fund Passport | How U.S. Managers can prepare

At a recent ALFI-sponsored NICSA webinar, experts from Elvinger, Hoss and Prussen and Dechert discussed three proposed schemes for creating a UCITS-style cross-border fund sales regime in Asia.

Doing business in Asia | What’s driving Asian fund passport schemes?

A recent NICSA webinar sponsored by ALFI, the Luxembourg fund industry association, reviewed initiatives to create a UCITS-style cross-border fund sales regime in Asia. Experts from Elvinger, Hoss and Prussen and Dechert discussed the Asian market environment that has given rise to three proposed schemes. Take a look...

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