Doing business in Asia | What’s driving Asian fund passport schemes?

A recent NICSA webinar sponsored by ALFI, the Luxembourg fund industry association, reviewed initiatives to create a UCITS-style cross-border fund sales regime in Asia. Experts from Elvinger, Hoss and Prussen and Dechert discussed the Asian market environment that has given rise to three proposed schemes. Take a look...

NICSA Industry News Digest | August 2014

Here’s our recap of the stories that mattered to operations professionals in the investment industry last month.

NICSA Technology and Innovation Committee | Gamification Poll

The NICSA Technology and Innovation Committee is exploring the topic of gamificatoin, specifically in the compliance arena. Take a look at this quick poll and let us know what you think.

NICSA Spotlight | Volunteer of the Quarter: Kari Murphy

Every association has a few of them… that person who can get everyone excited about a project; For NICSA, one of those key volunteers is the subject of this quarter’s Volunteer Spotlight – Kari Murphy, Managing Director, HengTian Services.

Pensions, population and policy | 2014 update

Retirement savings have been a key driver of the growth of the investment industry over the past 3 decades – but what drives retirement savings? Is it demographic trends or public policy or something else?

In this post we update our graphic look at some of the factors that may determine the level of pension assets.  We compare a small group of countries, primarily in the developed world, using data from Towers Watson’s recently-released 2013 Global Pension Assets Study.

UCITS V | Remuneration, what’s your function?

The new UCITS V directive was prompted in part by the Madoff scandal, which affected those invested in UCITS with exposure to Madoff feeder funds. As a result, EU regulators have focused greater attention on investor protections, including performance-linked compensation of asset managers.

Financial Times Feature | Fight against short-termism is misdirected

This Financial Times featured article makes the argument that companies and their executives put too much emphasis on short-term performance (profitability) and not enough on making the investments and decisions necessary to create and sustain long-term growth.

NICSA Industry News Digest | July 2014

Here’s our recap of the stories that mattered to operations professionals in the investment industry last month.

Regulatory Parallel Play

An update on worldwide regulatory trends at the 25th annual Globalisation of Investment Funds Conference, organized by the International Bar Association and co-sponsored by NICSA.

ALFI Roadshow | The AIFMD: 1 year on

The most recent ALFI Roadshow, held in New York City on June 5, 2015, focused on the imminent AIFMD deadline and address key considerations for US fund managers.

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