Top NICSA-Member Posts of 2014

It’s the end of the year -- bring on the lists! Here is the top NICSA member- and partner-generated content for 2014.

Best of NICSA 2014

As we wrap up another year of new regulations, updated policies and new content within the global investment management community, we wanted to give our member a recap of the best news, strategies and lists to come out of the NICSA News Blog in 2014.

Guest Blog Feature | Uncovering the concept of data visualization

This guest post was contributed by the NICSA Technology and Innovation committee.

Have you been spending time organizing wordclouds, treemaps and balloon races? If you have, then you probably know more than the average person about Data Visualization.

NICSA Industry News Digest | December 2014

Here’s our recap of the stories that mattered to operations professionals in the investment industry last month.

The 800-pound gorilla | Floating NAV creates operational challenges for MMFs

A recent NICSA webinar, speakers from EY, BNY Mellon, Boston Financial Data Services, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, and EY Global Services summarized the changes they foresee for MMFs.

The crazy mixed up world of unclaimed property

Representatives from Georgeson, Prudential and UPRR explained at the NICSA General Membership Meeting, held in Boston on September 11-12, paying attention to just the SEC standard will get an asset manager in trouble with 4 out of 5 states when it comes to unclaimed property.

NICSA Industry News Digest | November 2014

Here’s our recap of the stories that mattered to operations professionals in the investment industry last month.

What the FICCA? 7 tips for reading a service organization control report

Speaking at NICSA’s General Membership Meeting in Boston on September 11 -- in a session moderated by Eaton Vance’s Eileen Storz-Salino -- Suzanne Nersessian and Stephanie Roche of Deloitte provided an overview of the control reports used in the fund industry, including the Financial Intermediary Controls and Compliance Assessment prepared by firms providing omnibus recordkeeping services.

Alts Ops | The 80s called — They want their processes back!

At the recent NICSA GMM, one session was devoted to the operational implications of alternatives. The panel, comprised of representatives of DST Systems, ALPS Fund Services, Franklin Square Capital Partners and BNY Mellon, focused on transfer agency operations and the challenges brought by alternatives investments.

5 tips for attracting and retaining millennials

Brave, confident and ambitious, workers from the Millennial generation will make up 75 percent of the U.S. workforce by 2025. When will we come to grips with this shift? Are we ready for the generational shift in leadership that’s ahead?

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